WEL-HANDY MULTI WEAVING was developed as a Horizontal Fillets Welding Machine with a weaving function while driving on the top of a steel plate. It can be operated easily, even if operator is not a welding expert.



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Wel-Handy Multi Tack (Web Main)
The WEL-HANDY MULTI TACK is all light, compact and are equipped a 4WD.
The magnetic force traction with low center of gravity which achieves the highest pulling power and stability in the market.
The Koike WEL-HANDY MULTI TACK is equipped with true tack function for maximum productivity and weld quality.


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Automation of welding not only improves quality and production times, it saves money in measurable ways that are very often overlooked. Welding wire and shield gas use are greatly reduced. Working conditions are improved for the welder by reducing fatigue, fumes and sparks. WEL-HANDY MULTI portable welding carriages are used by a wide range of customers, from one man mobile welding businesses to large shipyards with hundreds of welders

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IK-12 MAX3 W

The IK 12 max 3W is the premium product of our assortment! This motorized driven hand cutting machine allows –besides torch cutting- also plasma cutting as well as automated welding at top quality.

The three main devices (machine body, torch set and guide rail) as well as the accessories were listed as independent elements. So you can arrange the machine individually.

The drive with doubled conus system, developed by ourselves, lets the motor stay at a constant rotational speed range (1500 rpm). Problems with overheating or unsteady voltage are past. Heat resisting grease, high temperature soldering and Teflon wiring guarantee an almost perfect heat protection.

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The Weaving Unit-1 is a system that consists of a control unit and a pendulum device. By mounting on a tripod in conjunction with a positioner, you get the best oscillated weld.

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The Weaving Unit-2 is a system that consists of a control unit and a pendulum device. The possibility of synchronization with an IK-12 Max 3 or in combination with a positioner, you get the best commuted longitudinal or circular weld seam.

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The FR-III is a control for using the IK-12 Max 3 for welding and plasma cutting. The control features an automatic interface for welding and plasma equipment.

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