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KAP8030N Ver.5

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CAD/CAM Software developed based on the rich experience of KOIKE in oxy-fuel, plasma, and laser cutting.

Special processes such as Corner Process, Bevel Cutting, Water Drainage Cutting can be configured by adding the customer's know-how and achieving product accuracy. It can also be connected with production control, operation management, steel stock management system.

Production Control
Delivery Date, Customers, and Products Models can be controlled. Models, Weightnand Cutting Length records can be outputted in a .csv file.

Operation Management
Operation conditions such as cutting, marking, fast-forward time, are collected from the Cutting Machine and outputted in a .csv file.

Steel Stock Managemant
Material's Stock, Remnant Plate Processing, Materials Shape can be easily managed, and cutting achieves excellent yield. Material, Remnant Plate Processing, and Scrap can be managed uniformly.


  • System maximize he Cutting Machine processing performance.
  • Fine cutting is achieved meeting the customer needs.
  • Special cuttings such as bevel cutting are available.
  • Cutting Machine can be connected to cutting schedule management and performance management.
  • Various traceability enhancement are available.

Function List

KAP8030N Ver.5
Free Parts Shape Creation Automatic Sequence
DXF/DWG Conversion Common Line Cutting
Basic Shapes Pattern(55types) Cutting/Cutting Ref. Pattern Creation
Automatic Dimension Display Multipple Torch Cutting Route Creation
Automatic Nesting Cutting Route Interference Check
Yield Display Remnant Plate Processing Managemant
Min. Required Base Material Indexing NC Date Transfer
CVC Date Output