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PⅡ Positioner Series

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Standard model medium size positioner with excellent safe design and simple structure that's easy to use.

 The KOIKE PⅡ Model Series is made up of middle positioners with both ease of use and safety.
 The simple table elevating function allows for work position to adapted to differing forms of work with just one positioner.


  • Can be adjusted at 5 levels (a crane is required to adjust height). 
  • Rotation table incline range secured at 0-135°
  • Uses a self-locking structure gear box so that the table doesn't flip over under the work's own weight

Technical specifications

PⅡ Positioner Series 
Model  30PⅡ 60PⅡ 120PⅡ
Maximum equipping load 1350kg 2700kg 5400kg
Table diameter φ1067mm φ1524mm φ1524mm
Incline speed(rpm) 50Hz:0.44/60Hz:0.52 50Hz:0.54/60Hz:0.64
Incline Torque N/m(kgf/m) 6400(658) 14200(1455) 30100(3070)
Max. load Tolerated center of gravity height(mm) 300
Table incline angle 0-135°
Table rotation speed Max. 0.12rpm 0.10rpm 0.08rpm
Min. 1.2rpm 1.0rpm 0.8rpm
Rotation Torque N/m (kgf/m) 4000(415) 8100(831) 16200(1662)
Maximum load Tolerated eccentricity distance (mm) 300
Table height(mm) 1095-1695(150pitch) 1256-1864(152pitch) 1263-1863(150pitch)
Tolerant welding electric current 750A
Outside dimension Width×Depth(mm) 1558×1975 1754×2156 1830×2248
Main Body weight 1400kg 2300kg 4300kg
Input power source 3 Phase 200V 50/60Hz