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Universal Balance Positioner

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It is possible to pivot/rotate the work with a small amount of manual force by setting work based on the center of gravity. KOIKE's original, special positioner that doesn't use any force of motors, etc.
 Work reversal or securing in a downward position can significantly eliminate time loss that accompanies handling.


  • Secure downward position with rotation/turning operations
  • Without using any form of force such as electric air

Technical specifications

Universal Balance Positioner 
Model  C-50 C-250 C-450 C-900
Maximum equipping load 50kg 250kg 450kg 900kg
Table diameter φ125mm φ203mm
Tolerated center of gravity height 150mm 300mm
Rotation method 360° Manual
Incline method 360° Manual
Table height (when horizontal)(mm) 175 750-1050 775-1050 840-950
Tolerant welding electric current(A) 600 800 1200
Main Body weight 7kg 95kg 100kg 200kg