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AB-GRAPH provides a comprehensive processing system for angle bars by combining automatic programs with an NC processing machine.


  • 3D strip steel materials can be accurately marked or cut in accordance with their warpage and curves.
  • The device can make inverse line markings and circular markings around web faces.
  • Stiffeners (various angle steels, flat steels, and valve plates) can be NC processed with high accuracy and high quality.
  • A free clamp inclination table (patent) is adopted to achieve high precision and high productivity.
  • The system can be used in conjunction with an air sensor or laser sensor.

Technical specifications

Machine structure Inclined (20°) gantry style or cantilever style
Rail span 1.7m
Cutting speed 6m/min
Rapid traverse speed Horizontal: 36m/min
Vertical: 36m/min
Marking speed Max. 12m/min
CNC unit FANUC-300i 15" color LCD; X, Y, Z, U, A (5-axis control)
Cutting shape L-Bar/100L to 600LBulb-Bar/120L to 250LFlat-Bar/100L to 450L