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FIBERTEX-Zero Series

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The new 12kW DBC Oscillator brought to the fiber laser cutting segment more versatility with the significant improvements on the cutting capability, and in order to achieve the Highest Level of Contour Accuracy for CW cutting by DBC, KOIKE also reviewed the machine’s structure and completely renewed the drive system, introducing the new fiber laser cutting machine the FIBERTEX-Zero.

FIBERTEX-Zero kept all the best features from its predecessor and more, also allowing the customer to choose whether the Operation Panel, Oscillator and Chiller will be On-board type or Standalone type, while the Fume Collector remaining only as Standalone type.

What is DBC?

While the Single Beam Mode has only the Central Beam, DBC is a combination of a Central Beam and a Ring Beam, which brings more efficiency to the cutting process.

DBC allows the controlling of the shape of the Central Beam and the Ring Beam individually to the best condition according to the Materials Type, Surface Condition, and Surface Temperature, achieving a better Cutting Quality in a wider range of material from thin to thick plates, difficult-to-cut material, and even on rust material which now can be cut without pre-burning cutting.


  • First ever IPG 12kW DBC Oscillator implemented.
  • Cutting Performance enhanced to the utmost by adopting the new torch head “K torch”, with DBC dedicated nozzle.
  • Cutting accuracy significantly improved by machine body rigidity increase.
  • Cutting of SN490C, known as one of the most difficult material to be cut by laser, has been greatly improved by the 12kW DBC achieving a very stable cutting with great cutting quality even on 25mm thickness plate.
  • Rust material cutting without pre-burning.

Technical specifications

Model FIBERTEX-xx12 Zero
Oscillator IPG YLS DBC
Rating Output 12000W
Structure Gantry Bridge / Onboard or Stand-Alone Oscillator
CNC FANUC Series 31i
Rail Span 3500-6500mm (Increments of 500mm)
Rail Length 4800×Nmm (Max. 30000mm)
Effective Cutting Width Rail Span  -1250mm
Effective Cutting Length Rail Length -4000mm
Max. Cutting Speed 10000mm/min (High Speed Type : 24000mm/min)
Max. Rapid Traverse Speed 24000mm/min (High Speed Type : 36000mm/min)
Max. Torch Up/Down Speed Manual Feed : 3000mm/min
Automatic Operation : 20000mm/min
Cutting Thickness Mild Steel 3.2-28mm
Stainless Steel 1.5-30mm