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Oct. 1918
[Founding] Koike Seisakusho, the precursor of today's Koike Sanso Kogyo Co., Ltd., is founded in Mukojima, Tokyo.

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 - Jan. 1929    Commemorative photograph of all employee-

Dec. 1936
[Incorporation] Koike Seisakusho was incorporated as Koike Sanso Kogyo Co., Ltd., and the head office was established at 4-1775 Hirai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.

Jun. 1937
The company name was changed to Koike Seisakusho, and the head office was transferred to 3-35-16 Nishikoiwa, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.

Sept. 1947
Ichikawa Factory (oxygen gas plant) was established in Ichikawa-shi, Chiba.

Jun. 1948
A sales office was established in Taihei-cho, Sumida-ku, Tokyo.

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- The head office, KOIKE SANSO KOGYO CO., LTD. -

Apr. 1951
The start of the production of the IK-12 portable automated gas cutting machine. This model becomes a best-seller soon after its release and serves as a forerunner to today's Koike world leading automated cutting machines.

Jan. 1953
[Present company name] The company name was changed to Koike Sanso Kogyo Co., Ltd., and a sales office was established in Osaka.

Dec. 1953
Koike manufactures Japan's first electrical discharge machine, and is awarded the first Okouchi Commemorative Award for its achievement.

Jan. 1964
The Chiba Acetylene Factory was established in Ichihara-shi, Chiba.

Jun. 1966
Koike jointly develops Japan's first NC gas cutting machine with Toshiba Corporation.

Oct. 1969
[Stock listing] The company's stocks were listed in the second section (machinery) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Apr. 1974
Koike America Inc. (wholly-owned subsidiary) was established in Chicago, Illinois, as a marketing and after-sales service base in the United States. (Later merged with Koike Aronson, Inc. in Dec. 2000)

Aug. 1975
Gunmakoike Co., Ltd. (now a consolidated subsidiary) is established in Isesaki City, Gunma.

Apr. 1976
Koike begins the manufacture and sales of the "Handy Auto" semi-automatic cutting machine, that offers the handling ease of a handheld cutter.

Apr. 1980
Koike developed the KAP-450, the world's first automated programming system equipped with interactive nesting software.

Dec. 1981
Koike developed, commercialized and marketed the KPC-250A, the world's first oxygen plasma cutting system. It rapidly gains popularity as a prime tool for improving ship-building productivity.

May 1982
Koike Europe B.V. (wholly-owned subsidiary; now a consolidated subsidiary) is established in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as a marketing and after-sales service base in Europe.

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Aug. 1983
Koike commercialized Japan's first laser oscillator-mounted NC cutting machine, and prepared to address the coming era of high-quality cutting.

Oct. 1983
Koike establishes a laughing gas production plant in its Gunma Factory, for the first time as a specialized producer of oxygen gas.

Jun. 1984
Koike takes advantage of its CAD/CAM technology and sheet-metal oxygen plasma cutting technology, to become the first company in Japan to commercialize and market an air-conditioning duct processing system and offer the duct industry an efficient means of manufacturing ducts.

Aug. 1985
Koike acquires Aronson, Inc., a specialized manufacturer of large-scale welding tools, and establishes Koike Aronson, Inc. (now a consolidated subsidiary) in New York. Koike Aronson becomes a sales base for large-scale welding tools in Japan and a local production base for cutting equipment in the United States.

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2016-07-04- KOIKE ARONSON INC. -

Aug. 1988
Koike Korea Engineering Co., Ltd. is established in Gimcheon-si, Korea, as a production and after-sales service base in Korea.

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Mar. 1992
Koike developed the Super-400, a high-power oxygen plasma cutting machine that offers a solution to non-perpendicular cutting faces that are inherent to plasma cutting. Super-400 became the forerunner to today's high-quality oxygen plasma cutting machines.

Apr. 1993
The Koike Techno Center is established in Midori-ku, Chiba (in the Toke Midori no Mori Industrial Park), as the first step in establishing unmanned plants.

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Jun. 1994
Koike developed and marketed "Wel-Handy," a series of lightweight welding carriages that offer strong traction by utilizing the power of magnets.

Nov. 1994
Koike bought the marketing rights to "Guardian," a combustion-type waste gas treatment system, from Hoechst Japan Ltd., and moved to become a leading manufacturer of combustion-type pretreatment devices in the semiconductor and liquid crystal fields.

Jan. 1998
Koike Techno Center gained ISO 9001 certification (for quality management systems).

Jan. 2000
Koike began the development and commercialization of heating and melting plasma as a means of melting urban waste incineration ash and infectious medical waste and of reducing the volume and solidifying radioactive waste. It announced its V-shaped arc plasma system in December.

Jun. 2001
Koike manufactured and marketed the "Wel-Handy Multi" versatile welding carriage.

Oct. 2001
Koike commercialized its infectious medical waste melting system and released it as DOMIWS.

Mar. 2002
Koike releases "Handy Auto Plus," a gas torch that adds an automatic igniter to the long-popular "Hand Auto."

Apr. 2002
Koike announced a 5kw laser oscillator-mounted CNC cutting machine and ushered in the era of the stable laser cutting of thick plates.

Oct. 2002
Koike Engineering (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. (wholly-owned subsidiary; now a consolidated subsidiary) is established in Tangshan, Hebei Province, China.

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- Koike Engineering (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. -

Nov. 2003
Koike Engineering (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. began production.

Sep. 2005
Koike manufactured and marketed the "IK-93 Edge-Cut," an edge-tracing bevel cutting machine that provides X-bevel cutting of both top and bottom steel plate edges simultaneously, with one pass. Heavy-duty heat shielding and constant speed ensure stable and high-quality X-bevel cutting.

Jan. 2006
Koike manufactured and marketed the "IK-05 Lifting Piece Cutting Machine," a portable, automated gas cutting machine that employs a spring drive system instead of a motor, and is lightweight and compact for use in severe outdoor working environments.

Apr. 2006
Koike manufactured and marketed the "Supergraph Z Series" plasma cutting machines that deliver ultimate quality and productivity.

Apr. 2006
Koike manufactured and marketed the "Lazertex Z Series," the ultimate in oscillator-mounted laser cutting machines. Operations and functions of the series have been revamped to deliver increased productivity.

May. 2007
Suganuma Sangyo Co.,Ltd. becomes our subsidiary company with the shares-obtaining.(At this moment,they are our consolidated subsidiary company.)

Oct. 2008
Koike Engineering Germany GmbH was established in Friedberg,Germany.(At this moment,they are our consolidated subsidiary company.)

Mar. 2009
Capital participation to Kawaguchi Sogo Gas Center Co.,Ltd. Closed Kawaguchi gas filling plant.

Dec. 2009
Seiki factory moved to new location -Toke,Chiba-. and,made together with Koike Techno Center,then New name is Toke factory.

Jan. 2011
Machinery Sales Division, Overseas Division and Engineering Division moved from Ichikawa-shi, Chiba to Chiba-shi, Chiba(Chibatoke midori no mori kogyou danchi), including Toke Factory and entire location was renamed KOIKE TECHNO CENTER.

Apr. 2011
Filling and Shipping operation of the gas was transferred to Ichikawa Sougou Gas Center Co., Ltd. and closed Ichikawa Gas Filling Factory

May 2011
Koike Italia Srl is established in Trentino-Alto Adige, Italia.

July 2011
Koike Cutting & Welding (INDIA) PVT LTD. is established in Maharashtra, India

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Koike Cutting & Welding (INDIA) PVT LTD. -

October 2011
Koike Aronson Brazil (now a consolidated subsidiary) is established in Sao Paulo Brazil

November 2012
Koike Aronson acquired Biondi Maquinas, Dispositivos E Ferramentas Do Brazil, LTDA,and established Koike Aronson Biondi (now a consolidated subsidiary) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Jan. 2021
The head office, KOIKE SANSO KOGYO CO., LTD, was relocated in Taihei-cho, Sumida-ku, Tokyo.

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- The head office, KOIKE SANSO KOGYO CO., LTD. -