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Koike’s versatile MK-K251 is a universal type torch employing tip mixing method.

The MK-K251 Gas Cutting Torch is well-balanced, simple and rugged in design and durable.
It will reduce risk of flashback.
Even if flashback should occur, the tip mixing method reduces risk of damage to the unit.
The MK-K251 is designed for many applications, therefore is very efficient : by changing tips
depending on the job, oneMK-K251 cutting torch fulfills various functions.


  • Gas mixing hand cutting torch
  • Rigid triangular tube configuration

Scope of delivery

  • Hand cutting torch
  • Operation instructions

Technical specifications

Cutting range MAX250 mm
Torch head 90°
Total length 495 mm
Weight (kg) 1,0 kg
Type of gas Acetylene, propane, and any medium pressure fuel gas available