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Preheating power is significantly improved by the new cutting tip: 502MM(for AC) and 506MM (for LPG) !

The 502MM (for AC) released at same time with GOLD-MM have a new developed nozzle with a slit structure which is the first product in the industry.
Preheating power was significantly improved compared to the conventional cutting tip.
The heating power achieved is comparable to the low pressure type’s cutting torch.
Try and feel the improvement together with safety of this middle pressure gas cutting torch !



Low risk of the flash back at outlet of cutting tip get into the torch.

Zinc-plated steel plate can be cut safely.

Any fuel gas can be used by only exchanging cutting tips.

Significant improvement of heating power.


Technical specifications

Technical Specifications  
Cutting thickness 50 mm by using 502MM or 506MM tip
Torch head angle 90°
Torch length L type: 480 mm, S type: 392mm
Weight L type: 740g, S type: 690g
Type of gas Acetylene or propane