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Plasma unit that provides excellent usability in a variety of cuttings applications due to the automatic cutting parameters setting system connected to the CNC cutting machine.
Gas pressure is 0.5Mpa and can be supplied by general piping.
Life time and cutting quality was improved compared to the previous model. In addition, the anti-magnetic arc blow function improves due to the review of comsumables structure, and cutting is also possible under magnetic force of 300mT. (under the test environment in the company).
New function of jet pierce that perform safe piercing was added.
High pressure gas is injected from the orifice of the torch tip, blowing the slags during the piercing. (Patent No. 3751728)


  • Automatic cutting parameter setting.
  • Improvement of anti-magnetic arc blow function.
  • Improved life time of consumables.
  • High quality cutting from thin plate to thick plate.
  • Improvement of piercing performance.
  • improvement of small circle cutting performance.
  • Bevel cutting of Stainless Steel and Mild Steel.
  • Tool-less consumable exchange structure.

Technical specifications




Power Supply Model KP-4055
Input Power Supply

Three-phase 200/220V 50/60Hz

Three-phase 380/400/440V 50/60Hz

Rated Input 119kVA
Rated Current 400A
Current Adjustable Range 10 ~ 40A
Usage Rate 100%
Plasma Gas Oxy/Air
Shield Gas Oxy/Air
Working Pressure 0.7 ~ 0.9Mpa
Outline (W × L × H) 664 × 780 × 1550mm
Cutting Thickness Mild Steel 3.2 ~ 50mm
Stainless Steel
Torch Model 460-OPS
Torch Maximum Working Current 400A
Usage Rate 100%
Cooling System Water Cooling (Circular)
Torch Lead Length 10m
Outline Dimension φ59×400mm

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