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Auto Picle-S is a motorized driven portable pipe cutting machine with remote control. The special guiding system with its fixed guiding rail guaranties a high cutting accuracy, especially while cutting large pipe diameters. By using the motorized drive for trimming and beveling pipes highest quality will be achieved. The transmission chain consists of simply constructed, smoothly interlocking chain links. Due to the chain link’s easy insertion and removal a fast exchange for varying pipe diameter is guaranteed. The adjustments for bevel cutting result from an angle scale at the torchbracket.


  • Especially developed for pipe oxy-fuel cutting
  • Guiding system with fixed guiding rail
  • Cutting of vertical pipes possible
  • Simple adjustment of varying pipe diameter
  • Operation by remote control

Scope of delivery

  • Pipe cutting machine Auto Picle-S
  • Chain 2400 mm length (Pipe diameter 600 mm)
  • Cutting nozzle (5-30 mm material thickness)
  • Connecting lead (5 m)
  • Tool set
  • Operation instructions

Technical Specifications

Auto Picle-S
Cutting thickness 5-30mm
Bevel Cutting  0-45°
Cutting speed 100-700mm/min
Effective Cutting Diameter Standard 150-400mm
D600 type rail 400-600mm
D900 type rail 600-900mm
D1200 type rail 900-1200mm
D1500 type rail 1200-1500mm
Drive Method PWM Control
Height 400 mm
Wheel width 230 mm
Operation Box Pendant type
Type of gas Acetylene, propane
Weight 15.0 kg