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The Koike IK-72T demonstrates his unique ability to cut with the Koike 3D rail for years. Therefore Koike comes with the IK-72T W2 for welding. With this, in combination with the unique Koike 3D rail,  Koike proves once again, the difference in the market. The combination of welding in 3D contours  with standard suspension unit, continuously and digitally adjustable and robust body makes this system unique. It can also be used with the Koike 1D and 2D rail. Koike also supplies the IK-72T W1. This system comes with a detachable remote.


  • Track welding in 3D contours
  • Available with and without weaving unit
  • Standard detachable remote control (W1)
  • Digital display (W2)
  • Robust rails in 1D, 2D and 3D directions
  • Vertical -up, downward, overhead and sideway welding with 1D rail

Technical specifications

IK-72 W1 & W2
Welding speed 60-600 mm/min
Torch position 45-55°
Weaving width W2 1-25 mm
Weaving speed W2 30-120 rpm
Control W1 Detachable remote
Control W2 Digital display
Speed control Stepless adjustable
Welding direction Forwards / reverse
Interface Start / stop signal from welding machine
Weight 9.8 kg (W1), 4.1 kg (W2)
Rail KOIKE 1D, 2D and 3D