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KOIKE YouTube Channel !

KOIKE has YouTube Channel. 

We hope this channel will provide insights on thermal cutting & welding. 

Please visit our channel.

KOIKE YouTube Channel YouTube

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|FLEXIKEN - Economic solution for high quality cutting

FLEXIKEN is designed and manufactured under KOIKE's finest standards. FLEXIKEN has a rigid, stable and compact gantry structure, Precision CP  Rack & Pinion drive with Gear Box, which ensure high accuracy and cutting quality.

FLEXIKEN  Full News Description


|Private Fair 2022 - New YouTube Video Released!

Welcome to KOIKE Website!

Since it's establishment in 1918, KOIKE has played an important role in the development of key industries, as an Acknowledged Leader in the manufacture of machine tools that use 'Gas Energy'. Over this period, we have pioneered the development of 'Plasma' and 'Laser' Cutting Machines and commercialized State of the Art automated systems using CNC controls those kept pace with the latest market needs. At the same time, we have also established a network to supply total systems, from gas, welding, cutting solutions and related equipment, to meet our customers' needs. 

In the "Cutting and Welding Equipment" sector, taking advantage of the superior technology as a leading manufacturer of Cutting Machines for many years, developed the wide range of the Thermal Cutting, Portable Cutting Machines varying from a Hand-Held Blowpipe Type to the CNC cutting machines those were manufactured and sold. In addition, we meet all the needs of the welding abundantly, those line up from the Cutting Tips and the Gas Regulator which are indispensable to the operation of the Cutting Machine, Welding or Welding related equipment surrounding the Welding, that becomes a process after the cut, until the associated software, etc.

We are happy to state that KOIKE celebrates it's 100th Anniversary in 2018. In the next 100 years, our aim is to steadily progress for the global expansion in the world market. 
We are holding “KOIKE GRAND 100 INCENTIVE SALE” until June, 2018. Please don't hesitate to contact our distributor in your country.