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WEL-HANDY COMPACT is the smallest and the lightest of KOIKE Welding Carriages Series, leading to "Less burden to carry", "Narrow welding space", and "Reducing non-weld-parts". 


Benefits & Features:

  • Push and Switch Arms (Patent Pending) (New Development)
  • Guide roller adjustment 
  • Limit switch
  • Build the Handles (New Development) 
  • Slide Holder and Torch Adjustment
  • High Durability 
  • Easy Operation

Technical specifications

WEL-HANDY COMPACT Main Specification

Weight 5.2 kg
Body Size 200(L)x250(W)x230(H)
Traction 11 kg
Gap (Floor ~ Bottom) 5 mm
Driving System 4 Wheel Driving
Magnet Type Permanent Magnet
Travel Speed 100 mm - 550 mm/min
Tracking Method Vertical Tracking by Guide Roller
Applicable Posture Horizontal Fillet Welding 
Torch Adjustable Range Torch Angle 35° - 55°
UP and Down Max. 45 mm
Forward/Backward (Length) Max. 45 mm
Forward/Backward (Angle) Forward: 5° Backward: 4°
Automatic Stop Functions Limit switch on each end of carriage
Non-Weld Parts 210mm (Total)
Power Cable Optional
Torch Holder Size (Diameter) Φ16 - 23 mm
Input Power AC100~240V 50 / 60Hz

Movie: Wel-Handy COMPACT