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IK-12 NEXT is the latest model of IK-12 series, one of the most popular and long-seller gas cutting carriage.
New control panel and Torch set: Wide range of application is possible to enable not only gas / plasma cutting, but also welding with the same carriage.
New drive control system, allows you to set precise and wide range of travel speed from thin to thick plate thickness cutting application.
Newly equipped function; “CREEP MODE” (Patent pending):  By simply pressing the button, normal speed can instantly switched to low speed mode for easy adjustment at start/end point of thick plate cutting.
Adding Weaving Unit option: Butt-welding for thick plat can be easily made by Weaving Unit.
No need to add a separate control box for weaving function for its control unit is already built-in on IK-12 NEXT.


  • Wide range of speed setting 40~2400mm/min
  • New control system allows Wide range of application; gas/ plasma cutting and welding.
  • Stable and accurate speed control is achieved with encoder motor and digital speed indicator.
  • Easy speed control with “creep mode” at Lead-in/ out of thick plate cutting.
  • IK-12 Next directly inherits various options of IK-12max3, which can be used as such.

Scope of delivery

  • Base machine IK-12 NEXT
  • Connecting lead
  • Operation instructions

Technical specifications

Specification of Carriage Travel Speed 40 - 2400mm/min
Input Voltage AC100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Body Weight (kg) 8.5kg
Shift Method Encoder electronic control
Speed Indication 〇(digital display)
Speed Dial Infinite rotation multifunction dial
Motor Encoder motor
torch set Not included in the main package
Application Gas cutting
Plasma cutting
Weaving 〇 (Waving unit is option)
I/O Connector for power Input 〇 (Power cable is option)
Arc signal output
Special function Creep mode

Available accessory






Welding Holder Set

Weaving Holder Set

Burner set S-100 for vertical and bevel cutting…  More › Burner set S-200 for vertical, V-, Y-, X- and bevel cutting.…  More › Burner set SP-100 with parallelogram motion link.…  More › Burner set SP-200 for vertical, V-, Y-, X- and bevel cutting. The…  More › Welding torch clamp can be set with from φ16mm to φ23mm.
     Parts map
Weaving unit increasing welding deposition with few pass. Parts map






Plasma Holder Set

Burner set SP-300 with parallelogram motion link for vertical, V-, Y-…  More › Burner set SP-400 with parallelogram motion link for vertical, V-, Y-,…  More › Burner set EPOCH 300 for vertical and beveling cutting with a material…  More › Burner set EPOCH 600 for vertical and beveling cutting with a material…  More › Torch set L-100 for thick plate vertical & vebel cutting....  More > Holder set for plasma torch. As a standard type, dia.35mm torch can be set. Parts map

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